Contents for the Summative test, Dec. 5th

– Reading comprehension about a topic discussed in class with TRUE or FALSE questions.

– Fill-in the gaps activity using connectors. Study the following list: Despite – But – And – In fact – Thus – On the other hand – However – Besides –  For example – In addition – In conclusion – Though – Also – As a consequence – Otherwise. Find extra practice in the links below:

– Identify vocabulary about the texts read in class: “Tattoing: A tradition” (p.188), “Media vs. violence” (p.207) and “Cartoon violence makes children more aggressive” (p. 205). The word bank comprises the following concepts: Awareness – Mockery –  Embellish – Arbiters – Inviolate – Harmful – Gossiping – Wrinkle – Machismo – Mainstream – Retailer – Youngsters – Rumour – Sanitise – Ward off – Researcher.


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