The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Watch the video about “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch” and check whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE. You must justify your FALSE answers.


1.- __________ The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is located in the Atlantic Ocean

2.- __________ The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a beautiful landscape

3.- __________ This floating island of trash is half the size of Texas

4.- __________ It contains about 3.5 million tons of trash

5.- __________ Plastics are bio-degradable

6.- __________ It was discovered in 1997 by Captain Charles Marlow

7.- __________ In that place there is 5 times more plastic than plankton

8.- __________ Fish and birds do not eat the plastic

9.- __________ People may consume plastic through the fish they eat.

10.- __________ The only way to stop this is by cleaning the garbage patch up.

11.- __________ Education, recycling and prevention are the key to preventing the garbage patch from continuing to grow.

12.- How will you help?



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