SUMMER JOBSThis unit, we are going to work with, has the steps to follow to get a paid job. If you have decided to have more pocket money than what you are given by your parents, here is what you are going to do:


1. You had to choose a Summer job for teens from the handout given last class. Having your choice in mind, you are going to be given an AD TEMPLATE. Follow the layout and create an AD for the job you chose on GLOGSTER.

informationConsider the following information:

a. Basic skills. Must the applicant have specific skills to do the job? For example, if you are offering a job as a lifeguard, the applicant must know how to SWIM… This is basic…

b. Advantages of getting the job. What is your applicant going to gain if he gets the job? For example, free time in the mornings, shift system, school credits in sports, intensive training sessions with a completion certificate (this will allow you to be certified as being able to competently complete the job and eventually work professionally in the future).

c. Salary. Are you going to pay your employer by hour? Or monthly? Is he going to have medical insurance and health aid? Is he going to work for incentives, so that the more he produces the more money he will earn? Are you going to give him privileges besides the salary? For example, if he is working in a resort, he will be allowed to use the swimming pool, or the spa, or the bar, or if he is going to be provided with accommodation or money for transport?

d. Contact information. If you are looking for applicants, you MUST tell them how to contact you. You must ask for a letter of application and to inform them that filling in a form is required to be interviewed.

While working on your glog, remember you are going to be assessed on your English, not art design. Pay close attention to the following aspects:

a. Grammar and punctuation vocabulary

b. Capital letters

c. Word order. Sentence formation

d. Spelling (if you do not know how to spell a word, SEARCH for it! Avoid guessing.)

THIS TASK MUST BE READY FOR NEXT MONDAY 29th OF JULY and no work completed at home will be accepted.

All work must be done in class, under you teachers´ supervision, so you must organise your time WISELY.


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