Mr. Uribe’s group

You must have posted the following items on your blog, by Tuesday 18th

1) “The rise of the Indian English”

2) What is Imperialism?

3) Should thin be in?

4) Glogster

5) Guideline

6) Essay*

7) Research (Cumulative project)

8) Opinion piece (Cumulative project)

9) Questions and answers about drugs

10) Voicethread about drugs

*This one to be used as a wildcard for any other assignment.

Miss Pizarro’s group

You must have posted the following items on your blog, by Tuesday 18th (only Ms Pizarro’s group):

1)    Glogster

2)    What is Imperialism?

3)    HEART OF DARKNESS summaries (5 at least)

4)    Guideline

5)    Guideline Video

6)    Conventional or Alternative Medicine Essay

7)    Voicethread

8)    Research (Cumulative Part 1)

9)    Opinion Piece (Cumulative Part 2)

You will be evaluated under these categories:

1)    Mechanics: Grammar, spelling and accuracy (the use of commas, periods, tenses, etc) (7 pts.)

2)    Use of Media: You must include one picture or video in each post. (10 pts.)

3)    Tasks: All tasks are posted on Blog (10 pts.)

4)    Stay on Subject: If you posted something that has nothing to do with the topic, it is wrong. For Example, if you are asked to answer what is Imperialism, and you start talking about Marlow and never mention slavery, it is wrong. (10 pts).


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