Drug Abuse: “Research + Voicethread”

“Work in pairs”


  • To understand the effects and consequences of drug consumption.
  • To interpret ideas and opinions presented in written texts.
  • To interpret main and secondary ideas.
  • To express thoughts and provide reasons regarding topics of personal interest and some other of global ones.

Explanation of the evaluation

You will be given a handout with a brief description of a type of drug. You will have to decide which type of drug you will choose in order to carry out a research about it. Then, you will have to answer a set of questions regarding your investigation. Finally, you will record these answers on www.voicethread.com

Specific instructions

 1. – Questions:

With the information you have found on the Internet, answer the following questions. Upload the answers on your blog (5 lines each)

 What are the origins of this drug?

What effects does this drug produce on people? (hallucinations, stimulation, euphoria, etc.)

What are the consequences of its addiction?

How does this drug affect a person’s body and mind?


2. – Voicethread:

 Using the answers of the questions above:

a) With your partner, decide who will record each question. (2 recorded answers for each student)

b) Record the answers in www.voicethread.com. Use your voicethread account. If you don’t have one, register to create one.

c) Use at least 4 slides with images as a background (one for each question)

d) Make your recording “public” for revision.

e) Upload the link on your Blog to be checked on Thursday 23rd May.

Here there is an example of what your Voicethread should look like:



THURSDAY 23rd May. (next Thursday)

Remember that this task MUST BE COMPLETED, even though you have the field trip to the University of Viña Del Mar.


  • Answers to questions show a carried out research and answers are properly responded according to instructions (10 pts.)
  • Answers to questions have been posted on blog on Thursday 23rd May before 14:00 hrs. (10 pts.)
  • Voicethread complies with all instructions given (10 pts.)
  • Voicethread is made public and linked on blog before 14:00 hrs. (10 pts.)

Total: 40 pts.





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