Drug Abuse

Watch these videos to learn more about drugs and their effects on the drug addict. 

I.- Do you know Russell Brand? He is a comedian, singer, ex-addict, actor and was married to Katy Perry. 

Answer these questions on your copybooks:

1) Why do some people become addicted to some drugs? What percentage of the population gets addicted?

2) Why do some people need to drink alcohol?

3) Name the three factors that may trigger addiction

II.- Truth about drugs

1)    What do you think about the consequences of drug consumption?

2)    Do you agree with the underlying message of the video?

III.- How does drug affect your body? Watch the next video to find out. (0:00-1:45)

IV.- Eminem: ex-addict. Eminem tells us about his past drug problems. 

1) What was the little devil telling him?

2) Try to complete the lyrics of this Eminem Song

V.- “Drug abuse” is “Life abuse”

True or False?

1) It started when she was 15 years old    ________

2) Staying stopped is easy ________

3)  15 million use prescription drugs to satisfy addiction _________

4) 48 million have admitted using prescription drugs for medical purposes _________

5) The problem isn’t cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens ___________

6) The most important thing to do is stop taking drugs ___________

7) Without our failures there will be no hope, there will be success story, there will be no redemption  ____________


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