Drug Addiction Intervention (p. 238)

I- Pre-reading. Think about the question below and comment your ideas to your teacher. Then, watch the video.

How can you help a drug addict?

II- While-reading. Read the text described in the title and underline the words that you do not understand.

III- Post-reading

1) Look up the definitions of the underlined words using an online dictionary in English. (Example http://www.dictionary.com)

2) Click on this link and create a crossword puzzle using your definitions (7 words as minimum, if not as many, you can use the words in exercise 2 of page 239). Print it or post it on your blog and have one of your classmates solve it. Check his answers.

3) Copy the following questions and answer them on your blog. (3 lines as minimum)

a) What is the biggest problem a drug addict may face?

b) Why does the interventionist need the assistance of the addict’s family and friends?

c) What is the important thing in an addict’s life?

d) Why does the author recommend that friends or family members not be heroes?

4) What movies about drug addiction have you seen? How about “Requiem for a dream”?


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