Alternative medicine – CAM practitioners are skilled conmen (page 227)

I- Before you read…

a) Which of the following pictures would you consider “alternative medicine” and “traditional medicine”?

b) Which type of medicine do you think is best?

c) Have you ever tried alternative medicine? If yes, How was your experience?

II- Constructing meaning

a) Read the text on page 227 of your book and underline the words that you do not know

b) Did you underline the following words?


c) Compare your words with your classmate’s and share the meanings that each of you have

III- Reading comprehension 

a) Answer exercise 3 on page 228

IV- Critical thinking (answer these questions on your copybook, 5 lines each)

a) Why does the author state that “Ignorance causes problems, whereas reason can solve problems”?

b) Would you use or continue using alternative medicine? Why or why not?


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